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Two Women & Crypto

Andrea Caldiero and Kelli Lair


Empowering others to 
embrace the digital landscape.


Andrea Caldiero

Andrea Caldiero has spent twenty years working as an Information Technology recruiter helping fortune 100 companies staff their IT departments. She has experienced the emergence of the age of the Internet from infancy to where it is today.  Her research based skills led to a deep dive into the data revolution and blockchain technology and how this new technology will disrupt and transform global commerce and how we do business on a daily basis. She specializes in bringing awareness and education to her clients helping bridge the gap between the current Internet of Information and legacy banking systems to the emerging Internet of Value and decentralized finance to uncover the future of finance. 


Kelli Lair

Kelli Lair is a creative entrepreneur, visionary, and forward-thinker. She has the ability to pull ideas and concepts out of thin air, and the tenacity and drive to bring the visions into this reality. Having over 20 years of work experience in the corporate world and over 15 years of experience running her own businesses, her expertise ranges from concept interpretation, to process analysis and implementation and brand development and design. She spent many years trading the commodities markets, where she honed her skills in technical and trend analysis through the harmonics of the market movements. Kelli is adept in understanding the moving parts of running a business and is passionate about helping people find their bliss, and creatively building a brand to share with the world.



The doorway opened during a conversation of interests and desire for community building with like-minded spiritual individuals. During the conversation, the topic of cryptocurrency emerged and the lights started to flicker! And here they are today...

Two Women & Crypto was birthed from the joy and excitement that Andrea and Kelli share about the cryptocurrency landscape and their desire to empower others to step into the digital/tokenized world of the future.  Funny, authentic, and high energy as they each share their love for life and crypto from their own vantage points sharing tips, tricks, and insights as to how to begin and navigate the decentralization of the world‘s banks. Like many others, they realize that we, as a collective, have a limited window of opportunity to take advantage of this mass transfer of wealth, and they intend to help others understand and empower them for the future.

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