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Two Women & Crypto

All About Me

How It All Started

In a prior life, I had traded the futures and commodities markets and after an 11-year hiatus, the harmonics of the charts were showing up in my dreams and in my mind's eye. Then, due to a magical weaving of fate during one of The Northern Gateway Initiations, the cryptocurrency landscape came into my awareness. I had already been dreaming of the charts and was considering trading the ForEx market but I knew nothing about digital assets or the decentralization of the world's banks. The energy pulled me in and quickly, I began to see the opportunity that was being presented. So I dove in headfirst and began to quickly grasp what a historical moment was being presented. Very quickly, it became clear that digital assets and a tokenized world was at our doorstep and is our future. And I could see clearly that the knowledge I was gaining had to be shared with others to empower them to take control of their own financial futures. So I began consulting with individuals and help create two programs: The Gateway to Cryptocurrency and The Future and You.  

Then I met Andrea, and Two Women & Crypto was born!

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Kelli Lair

Services I Offer 

15 Minute FREE Consult

This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and tap into to see what the path forward might look like.

30 Minute Session


Focused conversation covering topics or processes that you have already predetermined to focus on.

60 Minute Session


Enough time to dive into process, acquistion of digital assets and more.


Out of blue, I knew that it was time to look at the crypto landscape. I have known Kelli for years and knew she was tapping into the energy due to the many conversations we had had. She was my go to, for I have known her for many years and trust her process and insight. It has been a great experience and for the first time, I feel like I have hope for the future!

Ann - PNW

"With Kell Lair's help, I was able to dive into the world of crypto with ease & grace.  Something I could never have done on my own. Her smarts, enthusiasm, and patient hand-holding through the trickier parts actually made it accessible & fun for me.  Being a part of her monthly group where she shares her research & strategy keeps me in the loop with a world I would not otherwise have the time & attention to integrate into my life.  Because I have known Kelli for a few years now, have experienced her true integrity & generosity of Heart & Soul, and have found her to be someone I would trust with my life.  I cannot recommend working with Kelli & her membership to "The Future & You" highly enough. "

Aondrea M.

We find ourselves in extraordinary times within the shifting landscape we call life. I would not have been able to navigate and make the shifts in my life and business without the guidance and support of Kelli. I found myself for the first time in my life with the ability to create my own thread of investment opportunities within the Crypto world. Using and managing technology is not a strong area for me. I have no background or experience in the financial world at all. Working with Kelli offered the safety and guidance to feel confident enough to invest and to see that portfolio grow!! To this day I sit in amazement at how the dream of my own independent financial freedom is becoming a reality. I am ever grateful for her patience, knowledge, and intuitive guidance. The depth of her knowledge is vast and if she cannot answer a question, she is right there researching charts, candles, and whitepapers to see what best supports her client’s financial investments. If you are looking to invest in the Crypto world and empower your own sense of abundance, I highly recommend working with Kelli Lair. I now have a greater understanding of how the Crypto world works and with Kelli’s guidance and support, I am slowly learning how to manage simple trades and when and where to invest.

Cosmic Rose

I would highly recommend Kelli to anyone who is interested in Crypto.  She explains the currency and processes well-----she is able to meet you where you are and allow you to direct your path with crypto all the while giving you sound advice.   She is honest and direct----- She has a heart and passion for crypto and walks her talk.  She allows you to learn at your own pace and she is ever so patient.   I am so grateful for her companionship on my own crypto journey.

S.L. - Washington

Taking control of my finances and the energy I place within this sphere of possibility has been exhilarating and empowering. I look forward to The Future. And knowing that I am not on the road alone, is very reassuring. I am building the generational legacy I have long envisioned and for that very reason, I could not be more excited! Kelli has been an excellent guide...

M.A. - Denver

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